Graphics Cards for 3D Rendering and Modeling: 5 Best in 2023

Among the gaming and office models, a new and unusual class of professional solutions has emerged in the video card market. Initially, it may not be clear why they are needed at all, because if you need a simple computer for work, then you can install the GT1030, and the GTX 1660 will work for a gaming computer. We’ll figure it out together.

Best Graphic Card For 3D Rendering And Modelling

A professional graphics card is a model with limited graphics chip capabilities, but an extremely powerful computing structure. The only exception here will be the Titan RTX, on which you can simulate a storm and play top-end toys. Such Graphics cards have many universal processors and texture units, a large memory bus and the absence of slots for connecting monitors.

We have selected for you the top 5 Best Graphic Card For 3D Rendering And Modelling working with graphics, video editing.

best graphic card for 3D Rendering and modelling

  1. PNY Quadro P6000 Best performance among professional graphics cards
  2. PNY Quadro P4000 Pretop video card. Optimum price / performance ratio
  3. PNY Quadro P2000 Mid-range map with good features
  4. PNY Quadro P400 The most affordable professional graphics card
  5. PNY Quadro NVS 810 The largest number of video outputs (8 Mini DisplayPort)

5 best graphic card for 3D Rendering and modelling



Those who want to get a lot of monitors and create a monitoring or security center in their place, this card will be the best solution. You can connect up to 8 monitors with a screen resolution of up to 5120×2880.

The amount of memory here is standard for its segment and is 4 GB, but its type is DDR3, which is slow by modern standards. The bus is also small – only 128 bits. The heat dissipation package fully corresponds to the map and amounts to 68 W – you don’t have any overheating and extra noise, although a turbine with an evaporation chamber is installed here. The video card occupies only 1 slot, has HDCP support and 8 Mini Display ports.

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Quadro P400 is an entry-level professional graphics card. Its cost ranges from 12-14 thousand, which can be considered an extremely affordable price tag. It is not necessary to hope for high computing power, however, for simple video editing, student-level computing, or other similar tasks, it is quite enough. Also, some users, judging by the reviews, use the P400 as a video card for streaming games on YouTube, Twitch, etc.

The dimensions are minimal – the card occupies one slot, the dimensions are only 145×69 mm – you can assemble an extremely compact working system. The core is based on a 14 nm process technology (GP107GL processor). RAM only 2 GB, type GDDR5. There are 256 universal processors, 16 texture units, and 16 rasterization units. Image output is offered through 3 Mini DisplayPort. I am glad that the kit includes adapters for Display Port and DVI connectors. Finally, note that the TDP is only 30 watts, which means we expect a low noise level.

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If there is no money for the M6000, and you consider the purchase of the FX 580 a humiliating task, then it’s time to stop at the Quadro P2000. It is suitable for many tasks – working in Photoshop, video editing, working with graphics and in 3D modeling. Up to 5 monitors with a resolution of up to 5120×2880 pixels can be connected to it.

Special attention should be paid to the amount of video memory. It is not standard and is 5 GB. The capacity of the memory bus is small – 160 bits. A professional vein in it is issued by 1024 universal processors and 64 texture units. There is support for DirectX 12.



We are gradually approaching the most productive and expensive video cards on the market. P4000 does not exceed the psychological mark of 1400 dollars. The price tag ranges from 68 to 87 thousand. For this money we get a product that will satisfy the needs of most professional users. Video production, calculation of engineering structures – the card will cope quickly enough. Appearance is much more presentable than previous rating participants. Quadro P400 occupies one slot, but requires additional power via a 6-pin connector.

The 16 nm GP104GL processor and 8 GB of GDDR5 memory with a 256-bit bus are responsible for the calculations. Universal processors 1792. Texture units 112, rasterization units 64. We also note that this video card supports SLI – a system that allows you to connect multiple GPUs at the same time to increase computing power. Overall, the P4000 outperforms the P2000 in synthetic tests by about 30%. Take a look at Best Graphic Card For Mining.

NVidia has 3 main lines: Quadro, Tesla, NVS. Each serves to perform specific tasks:

  • NVS are designed to connect a large number of monitors or tabloids into one monopanel. Mostly used in modern airports, train stations or on the stage for presentations and graphics. According to their needs they are cheap, but according to their characteristics they are extremely expensive.
  • Quadro launched to satisfy the hardware hunger of 3D modellers and video rendering operators. With their help, even VR projects can be created. The main pricing factor is the judgement “How much are willing to give, for so much and will sell.” By themselves, these cards are not worth the money and it is sometimes easier to buy a GTX 1080 Ti than any Titan V. However, the most advanced technologies, often inaccessible to the GeForce series, cooperate in them.
  • Tesla is perhaps the narrowest line and specializes in mathematical and physical calculations. You can’t play on them at all, and they simply don’t have any outputs for connecting ports. In the system, they play the role of a co-processor, but without a real “stone” they will not be able to work, although they win 10 times more in productivity.



The leading position is occupied by the card presented in the distant October 2016. Despite this, its power still remains a record. The closest rival – Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080ti – is comparable in some respects, but due to the lack of support for specific technologies, the lag in professional computing is noticeable.

The video card with the classic reference design is based on 16 nm GP102GL cores. There is plenty of RAM – 24 GB of type GDDR5X. The bus length is 384 bits. There are 3840 universal processors, texture units 240, and 96 rasterization units. Needless to say, the card, judging by the tests, is at least half faster than the Quadro P4000. Like the previous participant, the P6000 requires additional power (8 Pin connector). TDP high – 250 watts. Given the presence of only one cooler (turbine), it is worth thinking about high-quality ventilation in the case. I am glad that there are 4 DisplayPort outputs and one DVI-D with a maximum resolution of 7680×4320 pixels. The main drawback of the model is the incredibly high price.

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