Unveiling the 13 Best Graphics Cards for Mining in 2023

Mining made a lot of noise amid rising cryptocurrency prices, which is why many decided to assemble farms and rushed to buy graphics cards. To understand which card to choose and get the best graphic card for mining.

In fact, everything is quite simple. This term refers to the provision of the computing resources you have in those cryptocurrency tasks that are necessary for their vital functions, security, transaction confirmation, and other manipulations. The most universal is the so-called GPU mining on video cards. And here there is no direct dependence, contrary to the opinion, the more expensive the card, the better. 

8 Best Graphic Card For Mining 2020

To improve the situation on the video card market, companies began to produce specialized versions that have some differences from conventional video cards:

  • Lower price;
  • Lack of monitor outputs (different for everyone);
  • Cut frequencies and performance.

We have selected for you the top 8 best maps for mining both in the classic version and in special models.

When choosing a card, you should pay attention not only to the technical specifications, but also to energy consumption. The more powerful the card, the more you will pay for it in the store and when paying for electricity. Therefore, it is often more profitable to take pretop and middle options, bypassing the tops. We also will not advise a new generation of RTX, as the average payback of the RTX 2070 will be … 593 days.

Let’s be honest: it’s not profitable to take special cards to earn cryptocurrency. The high price, short warranty and weak overclocking did their job, so it’s better to look at ordinary models like the RX 570 or GTX 1070. Also, with knowledge and direct hands, mining cards can be used as an analogue of gaming cards (only with built-in graphics). And even in this case, the probability of stable operation is small.

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best graphics cards for mining

1AMD Radeon ™ RX 480
2NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition
3Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition
4Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
5Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Founders Edition
6GIGABYTE Radeon RX 580 8GBThe best graphics card for mining and games
7GIGABYTE Radeon RX 570Budget option for quick payback
8Palit GeForce GTX 1070The cheapest version of the GTX 1070
9Inno3D GeForce GTX 1060For especially economical miners
10MSI Radeon RX 470 Miner 8GThe best map among special models
11GIGABYTE P104-100Truncated 1080 Ti
12ASUS Radeon RX 470 MININGAn ambiguous option with good performance
13ZOTAC GeForce P102-100The most expensive video card among special

13 Best Graphic Card For Mining in 2023

Here we are discussing all the best specifications of the best graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining.

13. ZOTAC GEFORCE P102-100


Let’s start again with the cons the biggest price. 2 GTX 1060 and mine in full, getting a higher hash rate. There are also problems with drivers on Windows 10 that refuse to be installed on the P102-100. In fact, it is a stub of 1080 Ti, although it gives higher rates on the Air, but a little worse on Zikesh.

An interesting feature is the different sizes of the turntables – for some reason, the right one is larger than the left one. The cooling system itself covers the power circuits, memory chips through thermal pads, and removes 5 copper tubes immediately. Power is supplied through an 8-pin connector. At 100% fan speed and room temperature of 25-27 degrees, its performance will be on the air 61-63 and 64-65 on Zikesh.



Extremely strange graphics card from ASUS. The confusion lies in the BIOS from the 570 model, which is most likely done to overclock the performance because the difference between 470 and 570 is minimal. On the air produces about 28 units. Up to 55 degrees, the card does not include regular coolers, which has a positive effect on energy savings.

If you adjust to 80 watts, the average temperature will be 65-68 degrees, while giving out 33 msha. The main differences from the original are the lack of an HDMI port, the presence of only one DVI-D. As compensation, the manufacturer provided the product with additional capabilities for connecting cooling systems (coolers).

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11. GIGABYTE P104-100

6. GIGABYTE P104-100

Here is a mining analog of the GTX 1080, since the ideal frequency formulas in the range 1607-1733 MHz coincide completely. The main drawback of the model is the overpriced even for the Mining Edition. The guarantee is not happy either – it is only 1-3 months, depending on how lucky you are. The lack of video outputs and panels for connecting the screen and other output devices also leave their mark on the functionality of the P104-100.

Now for the good. Three heat pipes and turntables do their job perfectly, simultaneously increasing the dimensions of the card. This led to the impossibility of installing the model in some cases and poor blowing when assembling the truss with it. There is no blackplate at the back, the connection is via an 8-pin connector. When earning cryptocurrency, you can get 21.68 on LuxCoyne. In general, this is an average card, which has many shortcomings, offset by good results in the extraction of foreign currency.



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The most important advantage of the model is Samsung’s built-in memory, holding 850 millivolts in the core, while the timings allow it to keep a mark of 29 mega-caches. With the right settings, it can give out 29 units from Ethereum and even a little more. Check out our content on Best Graphics Card For Mining Ethereum.

The card is based on the Polaris chip, which is characterized not only by good performance, but also by reliability. Cheating 8 GB of video memory looks impressive to this day, and in the near future they will definitely not lose their relevance. External does not deserve any complaints – everything is done in the best traditions of the Power Armor line. The downside may be a cooling system consisting of one heat pipe and two fans. In comparison with the original, Miner 8 has underestimated the effective memory frequency of only 6000 MHz.



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The GTX 1060 is a good choice for gamers, but for miners this is an extremely controversial option. On the one hand, its cost is the lowest in our rating. Also, this card will help save on electricity, because the power consumption is only 120 watts. On the other hand, this model is not very universal. In mining, Ethereum GTX 1060 shows the worst results – a hash rate of only 20 MH / s, but ZCash is mined with a bang – 310 Sol.


  • good performance in mining ZCash;
  • best price;
  • low power consumption.


  • effective only in mining some cryptocurrencies



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The 1070th model becomes the leader in mining performance as among NVIDIA video cards. High hashrate (ETH / ETC = 27 Mh / s; ZEC = 440 sol) is provided by high frequencies of the video processor and memory (1620 and 8008 MHz, respectively), which compensates for a smaller number of universal processors. The cooling system is also good – three coolers do not allow the video card to overheat, although in a cramped case this will not save much. It is also worth noting that the energy efficiency of the card is just excellent – only 150 watts. Given the power, it’s just a great indicator.


  • best mining performance;
  • excellent energy efficiency;
  • good cooling system.

For better payback, it is recommended to take the cheapest version from Palit.

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570 from GIGABYTE are known for their reliability. If you do not resort to excessive loads, this model without problems will last at least a year and will help not only to recoup its cost, but even to earn extra money over it. When working with it, there are several specific points. If it works at a frequency of 900 millivolts, then it will work stably and provide the owner with cryptocurrency earnings. With a parameter of 1050 per core or more, it will start to freak out, causing hash jumps.

Another nuance is the leakage of thermal pads. Do not “fry” the card at temperatures above 75 degrees, otherwise gaskets designed for stable operation at adequate temperatures will go away very quickly within 3 years. Well, the game. With this, everything is fine here, the main thing is to put a normal processor and then you can enjoy the latest products even at ultra settings.



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You will get a real treasure RX 580 8 GB from GIGABYTE. The cooling system consists of 3 copper tubes, everything is pressed through thermal pads to all the most important elements. Two coolers can operate silently even at 70% load. Backplate is installed on the back, there are no seals on the bolts, which will allow you to quickly change the thermal pads.

With stitched timings and 60-70 watts, you can get 31.6 on Air with Hynix memory. You can get a little more on Samsung, but here it’s already as lucky. There is proprietary software for flashing BIOS in case of a malfunction. The card will prove to be excellent in video games due to a large amount of video memory and high memory bus bandwidth. For beauty, a controlled RGB backlight is installed.

5. NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 Founders Edition

The rating opens with one of the best and cheapest PC video cards of 2023, which will be an excellent solution for creating a home computer or a farm for earning coins. Many novice users buy this particular model. The key feature to achieve these goals is the low level of power consumption 120 watts. At the same time, the device has promising overclocking potential and good power. With a base frequency of 1506 megahertz, the user can overclock up to 1809.

NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 Founders Edition

Also, the advantages of 1060 include a quiet, but very efficient cooling system that does not consume a lot of electricity. The video adapter is built on the basis of the Pascal architecture and is able to cope with any workload. The volume and frequency of the GPU are 6144 MB and 8000 MHz, respectively. At the same time, do not forget about the high bit depth of the interface bus 192 bits.

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Memory size6144 MB
Memory typeGDDR5
Bit depth192 bit
Video memory frequency8000 MHz
GPU frequency1506 MHz


  • Nice price tag;
  • Silent operation;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Advanced microarchitecture.


  • Reset frequency at full load;
  • Few models for sale.

4. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition

The rating is continued by one of the most productive video cards in the line, which allows mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. It features a large memory capacity and a high bus width. Until recently, it was considered one of the best options for earning ETH, but after the release of the second generation, the popularity did not grow but began to decline. Nevertheless, the video chip continues to generate good income. Impressive technical characteristics allow using this device not only for bitcoin farming but also for demanding games. In most cases, the user will be able to enjoy the ideal image quality on ultra-graphics settings.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition

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Also, the features of 1080 include the high frequency of the graphics processor – 1582 MHz. If necessary, the owner of the video card can overclock up to 1720 MHz. I am very pleased with the large size of the video adapter, which is 11264 MB. The design is characterized by a reference design of a high-efficiency cooling system. The only thing to pay attention to is the high level of electricity consumption. For stable operation, you need a block of at least 600 watts.

Memory size11264 MB
Memory typeGDDR5X
Bit depth352 bit
Video memory frequency11010 MHz
GPU frequency1582 MHz


  • Ideal for demanding games;
  • High bus width;
  • Large amount of memory;
  • Good cooling system.


  • A powerful block is strictly necessary.

3. NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition

In third place is one of the most popular video cards today, which can be used for both gaming and mining tasks. The device has a good value for money. The device has many advantages. First of all, it is worth noting the impressive amount of video memory (8 GB), which provides comfortable gaming, as well as the frequency of 8008 MHz. Another advantage is the impressive overclocking potential. If necessary, the user can “swing” the GPU for 1721 MHz. Also pay attention to the very high hash rate.

 NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition

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Another feature of the 1070 mining graphics card is the assembled video connector system. It includes several Display Port 1.4 interfaces at once. Also, many users were satisfied with the high-quality cooling system, which is 3 bulky fans that support 3D Active mode with low power levels. A nice addition is a powerful bundle of copper composite tubes and a durable radiator. The cherry on top is direct contact technology, which puts less stress on the PSU.

Memory size8192 MB
Memory typeGDDR5
Bit depth256 bit
Video memory frequency8008 MHz
GPU frequency1505 MHz


  • One of the most popular models in the Russian Federation;
  • Advanced video port system;
  • Impressive memory capacity and frequency;
  • Powerful radiator;
  • Good build quality.


  • Recently, the cost has risen too much.

2. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition

In second place is one of the most expensive Nvidia products of 2023, featuring incredible power and an efficient cooling system. The key feature for mining is the colossal hash rate of 120 MH / s. It is worth noting that this video card could take the first line, however, due to the too high cost, as well as the complexity of the connection, a quick payback under any conditions is excluded.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition

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The features of this model include an advanced cooling system, which is represented by several powerful fans connected by an external ring. Many users are enthusiastic about the performance of the equipment. Particularly noteworthy are the volume and frequency of the chip, which are 24576 MB and 19500 megahertz, respectively. It is also worth paying attention to the stunning 384-bit bus width. check out RTX 3060 Vs 3060 Ti Mining.

Memory size24576 MB
Memory typeGDDR6X
Bit depth384 bit
Video memory frequency19500MHz
GPU frequency1400 MHz


  • Advanced cooling system;
  • Silent operation;
  • Colossal power;
  • High volume and frequency of memory;
  • Aggressive design.


  • Very high cost.

1. AMD Radeon™ RX 480

The winner of the rating, according to users, is one of the best video cards for mining in 2023, with an ideal price-quality ratio. First of all, it is worth noting the good profitability. For example, if we consider how much the Ethereum cryptocurrency (ether) will cost at the moment, then according to calculations, it will take up to 6 months to work off the funds spent. Thanks to these results, many users prefer the AMD Radeon ™ RX 480 model. The adapter also shows good results in games.

AMD Radeon ™ RX 480

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Key features include the advanced Nitro Free Flow cooling system. The decent overclocking potential, which is achieved by Sapphire technology, also deserves special attention. Thanks to special algorithms, the latter opens up a lot of additional opportunities for achieving high performance. Many users appreciate Black Diamond Chokes for their quiet operation. For working with graphics, support for high dynamic range is provided. The cherry on top is virtual reality mode.

Memory size8192 MB
Memory typeGDDR5
Bit depth256 bit
Video memory frequency8000 MHz
GPU frequency1120 MHz


  • Fast payback;
  • Wide scope of application;
  • Decent potential overclocking
  • Ideal value for money;
  • Advanced cooling system.


  • Not detected.

Which video card for mining is better to buy in 2023

The modern computer market is represented by a huge assortment of up-to-date video cards with stunning technical characteristics that can be used for mining cryptocurrency with a high degree of profitability. However, choosing a more powerful device is not so easy. In the process, it is necessary to take into account many important parameters:

Video card

The success of mining primarily depends on the power of the video card. However, nowadays, many suitable models are too overpriced. The best performance can be found in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition graphics card, which has an incredibly high hash rate.

3D accelerators

A three-dimensional accelerator is a special part of the video adapter that is responsible for working with the graphics component. It plays a very important role when playing demanding games.

Gaming video accelerators

Game video accelerators are primarily designed to process game data and then display the image on the screen. Provides comfortable work with three-dimensional content in computer games.

Professional accelerators

Professional accelerators are in great demand in graphics development. Also ideal for working with video content – editing, rendering and finishing.


Any video card is a small design, which provides a printed circuit board, directly a graphics processor and a cooling system. More details on the video card configuration can be found below.

Graphics Accelerator

The graphics accelerator is the heart of any graphics card. The main task is to carry out various calculations, as well as data processing with the subsequent display of the picture on the screen.

Video controller

This element is responsible for generating the image. The principle of operation is to send commands to a digital-to-analog converter with subsequent processing of commands in the central processor.

Video ROM

This is a read-only memory device designed to store all the necessary screen elements. Its task is also to process information from the BIOS of the GPU.

Video RAM

One of the key components of a video card, which is an analogue of RAM. Internal RAM is designed to store information used to form a picture on the screen display. 


The main task of RAMDAC is to transform the image that is formed by the video controller. With regard to TDMS, it is a differential signaling process with minimal level drops.

Cooling system

One of the key criteria that directly affects the safety and durability of a video card. In order for the stone to last as long as possible under high loads, you should take care of an effective cooling system that will not allow the formation of high temperatures, taking into account peak loads. The Radeon models deserve special attention.


The interface is required in order to connect a video card to a monitor or any other visual display element. For this, several options are used DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI.

Overclocking capability

The more overclocking potential a particular video card has, the faster you can reach payback. The bottom line is that the power level depends on competent acceleration, which will lead to accelerated production.

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Memory type

The optimal solution for mining cryptocurrencies are video cards with the GDDR5 memory standard. Compared to competitors, they have high power and low energy consumption.

Attention! This rating of video cards is not advertising in nature and is compiled for informational purposes only. It is strongly recommended to consult with experts before purchasing a video card for mining.

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