5 Best Z170 Motherboards Under $200 For Gaming and Pro Work

After the release of Skylake generation processors, motherboards manufacturers began to release more options on socket 1151. If you are building a new gaming computer, then these processors are ideal for you in terms of performance and heat generation. And for those who also want to indulge in overclocking, you need to buy a motherboard on the Intel Z170 chipset in order to be able to overclock the processor by a multiplier. Today will consider the best z170 motherboards under 200 dollars. There will be three inexpensive top z170 motherboards options, a middle segment from MSI and a real monster from ASUS, which we recently reviewed.

Best Z170 Motherboard Under 200$

  • ASRock Z170 Pro4
  • ASUS Z170-K
  • GIGABYTE GA-Z170-Gaming K3

ASRock Z170 Pro4

ASRock Z170 Pro4

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ASRock has released a whole scattering of motherboards on the 1151 socket and the Z170 chipset, but we liked the ASRock Z170 Pro4 variant. The inscription Pro4 means, in this case, that the board supports DDR4 RAM, while there are variants with DDR3 memory.

 In the case of assembling a new computer, it is better to take DDR4 – the frequencies are higher, hence the performance will rise, and there are also many other advantages. 

What is good about the board is two large radiators on the power supply circuits and a large radiator of the same color on the server bridge.There is a decorative plastic cover over the peripheral connectors, which adds a bit of beauty, as well as a dedicated audio card line. 

To connect video cards, there are two PCI-E slots at once, there is a slot for an M.2 drive, and the textolite is painted black. Of course, the last point is purely marketing, but still nice. Although the textolite itself could be made thicker, it bends very much. There are enough connectors for connecting peripherals. A great option for building an entry-level gaming computer. Best Motherboards For I5 8400 for lovers.

ASUS Z170-K: best asus z170 motherboard


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I must say right away that, according to our editors, this is the best motherboard among socket 1151 motherboards and Z170 chipset in the entry class. The build quality is excellent – ASUS made us very happy with the thickness of the PCB, the power circuits, and the fasteners of all the components on the board. 

On one of the chains there is a stylish radiator for cooling, on the north bridge there is a round radiator with the company logo. Supports DDR4 memory with high frequencies, up to 3466, the maximum volume is 64 gigabytes.There are two PCI-E connectors for connecting a video card, but they do not work in SLI mode, only CrossFire X (AMD video cards). 

Thanks to its good power supply system and high build quality, the board is ideal for overclocking the Intel Core i5 6600K and Intel Core i7 6700K processors, for which Z170 motherboards are purchased. Separately, it is worth noting a dedicated line of the audio card, from which there are also LEDs that glow while the computer is running. Here the manufacturer abandoned unnecessary marketing and went towards quality.

GIGABYTE GA-Z170-Gaming K3: best z170 motherboard for overclocking

GIGABYTE GA-Z170-Gaming K3

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First of all, I liked this motherboard for its appearance, but this is a purely subjective matter and someone may not like such a variety of colors. And let’s not forget that we rarely see the board itself on our computer, so it is silly to select a board based on color factors. 

In terms of quality, everything is pretty good here, the ATX for-factor, there are four slots for DDR4 RAM up to 64 gigabytes, the high frequency of this memory is supported.

There are two large radiators on the power circuits for dissipating heat, and on the server bridge there is also a large plate with the company logo. 

Thanks to high-quality components and a good build level, the board is suitable for overclocking Skylake processors with the K index.Of course, you will not be able to achieve a straight record figure, but you can raise exactly from 3.5 to 4.0 GHz, and then everything depends on your skill depends. We liked the BIOS with the possibility of emergency recovery, and there are quite a lot of ports for connecting peripherals, you can connect whatever you want. 

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MSI Z170A GAMING M3: MSI z170 motherboard


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The motherboard MSI Z170A GAMING M3 is already a representative of the middle class and costs 2 thousand more than its opponents. True, as is often the case with computer components, the entire cost went into marketing. For example, the PCB board here is painted in a cool black color with a matte finish. This does not affect computer performance or any other indicators at all, but it looks beautiful and you have to pay for it. 

On the power circuits there are two bulky radiators painted in red and black, on the north bridge there is a radiator with a dragon (MSI logo).Here, too, DDR4 memory with a maximum volume of 64 gigabytes, there are a lot of connectors for connecting peripherals, two PCI-E ports for video cards, although SLI is also not supported.

The board looks very expensive and stylish, made of high-quality materials, reliable power circuits and allows you to overclock the processor well. But, this is exactly the case when a more expensive product, apart from marketing and design, can offer nothing more.

ASUS SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1: best gaming z170 motherboard


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If you want to pay half the price of a cool video card for a motherboard, you’ve come to the right place. I decided to describe this product only for the reason that it is a gorgeous motherboard, even if it is quite expensive. 

The main advantage is the stiffening plate, which will prevent your graphics cards from tearing out the PCI-E slot. Yes, this happens sometimes – if the board is cheap and the video card is heavy, then the slot can break out by the roots. This will not happen here, even if you put two cards in SLI (yes, it is supported), because the plate is very strong.

In addition, this plate cools the board itself, because some heat will be distributed to the metal of the plate. Of course, marketing has not been done here either – a huge plastic casing over the connectors for the peripherals, decorative bolts and logos, an inscription on the plate itself – all this is money that they call out from you when you buy. On the other hand, this is one of the toughest and most reliable boards we’ve seen. You can build a gaming computer of any level on it and not worry about overheating or breakdown. 

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