Fixing GeForce Experience Not Working: Troubleshooting

You can never guess in advance when this or that program will refuse to work. The same goes for NVIDIA and gives error Geforce Experience Not Working. The failure of this operator with digital entertainment is quite common. Fortunately, in most cases, any problem can be solved without much difficulty.

How To Fix Geforce Experience Not Working

why Geforce Experience Not Working arise

To begin with, it is worth considering the reasons why Nvidia Geforce Experience Not Working and why the system refuses to run the program in passive mode, as it should do under normal conditions. Usually, the system forcibly adds the process to startup every time the computer starts. If this does not happen, then you should understand.

Reason 1: Removing a task from startup

The first thing to check is the buggy mechanism for automatically adding the GeForce Experience startup process to startup. The problem is that this process has a specific protection system, so most programs that work with autoruns do not see GeForce Experience. And, as a consequence, they often cannot turn it on or off.

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There are two ways out. The first is to still try to check the data for startup. For example, in CCleaner.

  1. In the program you need to go to the “Service” section .
  2. Here you need to go to the “Startup” subsection .
  3. After selecting this menu item, lists of all programs will open that are included immediately after the start of the operating system. If NVIDIA GeForce Experience process is noted here, you should check to see if it is enabled.
List of autoloads in CCleaner

If the process is not there, then a complete reinstallation of this software can help.

  1. To do this, you need to download the latest drivers from the official NVIDIA website. Download NVIDIA drivers. Here you will need to fill out a form indicating the model and series of the video card, as well as the operating system.
  2. After that, a link to download drivers will be available.
  3. When you run the downloaded file, the materials for installing drivers and software will be unpacked.
  4. The installer will start automatically after that. Select “Custom Installation” here .
  5. The user will see a list of components that will be installed. Check if the checkbox next to GeForce Experience is checked.
  6. Then you need to check the box next to “Clean install” . This will erase all previous software versions.
Clean install of NVIDIA drivers

Then the installation can begin. The system will completely update both the software and the registry entries. This usually helps remind Windows to launch GF Experience every time it starts.

Reason 2: Virus activity

Some malware can block GF Experience from autostarting either indirectly or on purpose. So it is worth checking your computer for viruses and getting rid of them if found.

After that, you need to restart your computer. If something really interfered with the startup of the program, and it was removed, then now there should be no problems.

Reason 3: Out of RAM

Also, the system may be simply too overloaded right from the start to run GF Experience as well. In such a situation, failures in startup and other processes can be diagnosed. By the way, most often this problem is observed just on such devices, where many other processes are listed in startup.

There is only one solution here – optimization.

  1. First you need to free up as much free space as possible. To do this, it is worth removing all the junk on the computer, as well as unnecessary files and programs.
  2. Then clean up the memory. You can take, for example, the same CCleaner.
  3. Here, in CCleaner, you should go to the startup section (as shown earlier).
  4. You need to disable as many unnecessary processes and scheduled tasks as possible.
  5. After that, all that remains is to restart the computer.

Now everything should work much better and GeForce Experience will have nothing to prevent it from automatically turning on.

NVIDIA Geforce Experience Calling problems

Also, many users are faced with the fact that they cannot bring up the GeForce Experience window itself to work with drivers and other important program functions. In this case, certain factors can interfere. Take a look at Nvidia Graphics Card Comparison List.

Reason 1: Process crash

This problem is most often encountered. A background task has failed in the system, which ensures the functionality of the program.

In most cases, there is only one solution – restarting the computer. Usually after that the program starts working as it should.

It should be added that there are cases when a process failure leads to the fact that the program does not start from the shortcut from the notification panel. In this case, when the user chooses to open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience panel, nothing happens.

In such a situation, you should try to launch the program directly from the folder where it is installed. By default on Windows 10, its address is here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application file here.

If the error really was in launching from the notification panel, everything should work.

Reason 2: Registry problems

It is also often reported that there may be a failure of entries in the registry about the operation of the program. The system recognizes GF Experience as a correctly executed task, while it may not be such, and indeed the program may even be absent.

  1. In such a system, the first thing to do is check your computer for viruses. Some malware can cause this problem.
  2. Next, you should try to repair the registry. For example, you can use the same CCleaner.
  3. This step can be especially helpful if the program is really damaged to such an extent that it cannot work on the computer, but it is listed in the registry as an executable task.

Next, it’s worth testing the result. If the program still does not start, then it is worth doing a clean reinstall, as demonstrated above.

Reason 3: Program crash

Banal failure of certain components important for GeForce Experience. If none of the above helps, then in most cases it means this particular problem.

Only a complete clean reinstallation of the software can help here.

Fixing the error “Something went wrong …”

One of the common situations that users encounter is an error with vague content: “Something went wrong. Try restarting GeForce Experience. ” 

Error Something went wrong NVIDIA GeForce Experience

To fix it, you need to work with Windows Services:

  1. Press the Win + R keyboard shortcut , enter services.msc and click OK .
  2. Find “NVIDIA Telemetry Container” in the list of opened services , right-click open the context menu and select “Properties” .
  3. Switch to the “Login” tab and in the section with the same name activate the “With system account” item .
  4. Now, while on the General tab , set the startup type to Automatic and click Start if the service was not active. Click “Apply” .
  5. Additionally, configuring the NVIDIA Display Container LS service can help . Open it in the same way, through the “Properties” .
  6. Set the startup type to “Automatic” and apply the changes.
  7. For some users, even after configuring and enabling services, GeForce Experience may fail to start. Therefore, you will need to enable one more – it is called Windows Management Instrumentation .
  8. Using the method described earlier, open the “Properties” of the service, set the startup type to “Automatic” , change the state to “Start” , save the settings.
  9. To be sure, restart your computer and try launching GeForce Experience.


As you can see, the failure of GeForce Experience almost always means certain problems in the operation of the operating system, so you can never ignore this moment. A complete examination, cleaning and optimization of the computer should be performed. We must not forget that this program is primarily responsible for the performance and maintenance of such an important component as a video card, so you should treat this with great care.

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