GTX 1080 vs 1080 Ti GPU: Mining, Profitability, and More

When the miner has enough money for a new video card, this is the farm’s way to pay back. Before buying and starting mining, you should figure out the math: the cost of the investment, the expected profit, and the time to pay back. Indeed, recently, due to the growth of the entire crypto market, interest in mining and equipment for mining has increased significantly. Accordingly, this created a shortage of top-end video cards for mining, and their cost “skyrocketed” to the moon. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most popular mining cards Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and its modification GTX 1080 Ti .

GTX 1080 Vs 1080 Ti GPU

GTX 1080 or 1080 TI – is it worth?

Video cards have a big difference in performance and technical characteristics. Here is a comparative table of all 10 series cards by the amount of memory, CUDA cores, process technology, and the number of transistors.

1050 Ti1060 (6GB)107010801080 Ti
Video processorGP107GP106GP104GP104GP102
Process technology:14 nm.16 nm.16 nm.16 nm.16 nm.
Transistors:3.3 billion4.4 billion7.2 billion7.2 billion12 billion
From drain to boost:1290 – 13921506 – 17081506 – 16831607 – 17321480 – 1582
CUDA Core7681280192025603584
Video memory:GDDR5GDDR5GDDR5X (since 2018)GDDR5X (since 2016)GDDR5X (since 2017)
Memory:4 GB.6 GB.8 GB.8 GB11 GB
Memory bandwidth:112 GB / sec192 GB / sec256 GB / sec320 GB / sec484 GB / sec
VRAM channel bus:128-bit192-bit256-bit256-bit352-bit
Eff. memory frequency:7 GHz.8 GHz.8 GHz.10 GHz.11 GHz.
Connectors add. power supply:6 pin8 pin6 + 8 pin6 + 8 pin
Designed for:75 watts.120 Watt150 Watt180 Watt250 Watt

Compared by the number of transistors, the 1080 Ti is definitely a success. The width of the memory channel has also increased compared to 1080 – up to 352-bit, thanks to which the bandwidth of the Nvidia card has risen to 352 GB / s.

The first card to use GDDR5X was the 1080 model, which Nvidia released on May 6, 2016. Since 2017, GDDR5X has been used in the 1080 Ti. Models up to a year of manufacture with GDDR5X use regular GDDR5, so be careful when buying cards hand-held.

Why is it important to take cards with GDDR5X

Cards with GDDR5X memory support the work of tablets to increase the hash rate when mining Ether, which can raise 37 MH / s to 50+ MH / s, which is almost buying a new video card. Nice addition – GDDR5X memory frequencies are 11 GHz for 1080 Ti and non-Ti.

Budget graphics cards from Nvidia for Ethereum mining 

The budget segment can be considered 1070 – the golden mean between performance and price, starting at $ 630 per unit. The segment, which is more profitable from the side of mining, starts at 1080. 1060 with 6 GB of memory are suitable for a completely “knee” crypto farm.

The use of GeForce 1050 Ti is justified only when mining cryptocurrencies in zombie mode when the card stores a part of the dag file in the computer’s RAM. Series 50 cards are well suited for a cheap as dirt farm for the extraction of altcoins, it is not recommended to mine Ether on them. Do not expect profits from the mud farm – this is an activity with a negative KDP, except that there were 5 conditionally free cards on the mezzanine.

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GTX 1080 Vs 1080 Ti: profitability for mining Ethereum and altcoins

Cost of video cards in USD1050 Ti1060 (6 Gb)10701070 Ti1660 Ti10801080 Ti
Profit per day in USD

The profitability figures are taken from the 2cryptocalc calculator, the prices are averaged and taken from stores such as Prom, OLH, Avito, Rozetka, CSN, Eldorado, Foxtrot.

Payback 1070, 1080, 1080 Ti

Considering the profitability and price range, the 1070 and 1070 Ti graphics cards perform well, almost close to the 1660 Ti in 24-hour profitability.

Conventionally, the payback of one GeForce 1080 Ti at a price of $ 900 with an income of $ 5.28 per day should be expected in 170 days.

The numbers that you will receive are approximate, but they will allow you to calculate the approximate payback period for the entire farm or one video card.

GTX 1080 Vs 1080 Ti: Hashrate

GeForce 1080 Ti shows an increase of 16 to 27% compared to its predecessor. For example. on the KawPow algorithm, the growth was 18 Mh / s when moving from 1080 to 1080 Ti, which is equivalent to double the growth.

GTX 1080 Vs 1080 Ti: Hashrate
Mining algorithmsGTX 1080GTX 1080 Ti
Cuckarood296.5 Gps8.1 GPS
Cuckarooz293.5 Gps4.8 Gps
Cuckatoo311 Gps1.62 Gps
Cuckatoo320.33 Gps0.56 Gps
CuckooCycle6 Gps8 Gps
CuckooCortex1.7 Gps3.2 GPS
Equihash650 Sol / s750 Sol / s
Equihash 125_442.3 Sol / s56.9 Sol / s
Equihash 144_569 Sol / s96 Sol / s
Equihash 192_739 Sol / s54 Sol / s
BeamHash19 Sol / s28.3 Sol / s
Ethash39 Mh / s48 Mh / s
MTP3 Mh / s3.9 Mh / s
KAWPOW17 Mh / s25 Mh / s
RandomX0.73 Kh / s1.136 Kh / s
Eaglesong780 Mh / s1150 Mh / s

The cost of the GeForce 1080 Ti ranges from $ 760 to $ 1,000. The tenth generation of graphics cards is profitable in itself. In the 1080 Ti, the memory bandwidth reaches 11 GB / s, versus 7 GB / s in the 980 Ti.

GTX 1080 Vs 1080 Ti: What cryptocurrencies

The card itself is a high-end solution from Nvidia, in terms of performance it is close to the RX Vega 64 from AMD and RTX 2060. For its price, it is quite an acceptable purchase for a farm. Miners note that this card is prone to overheating, it is recommended to take models with three fans.

Tentatively, the card will be good at mining ETC, Grin and ETH on the Ethash algorithm. It is recommended to get Aether or Classic Aether on it.

What to mine with 1080 Ti

The card appeared in 2017 and cost $ 700 at that time, in the CIS the price could go up to $ 800 due to the extra charge. As of early 2021, the 1080 Ti can be found for $ 350 on the Used market and up to $ 520 for a new card with warranty.

Thanks to 11 GB of memory, the card is capable of mining any cryptocurrency, including the Ethash algorithm.

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Mining profitability calculator for 1080 Ti for different cryptocurrencies

Considering the graphics card profitability calculator, the 1080 Ti is the most profitable option out of a pair of cards, but the non-Ti version is not far behind. Both cards are capable of generating enough hashrate to get one dollar per day, excluding commissions.

As with all good things, there should be a lot of cards for profitable mining. A rough estimate shows that in 365 days, the 1080 Ti will generate $ 511 for Ether alone, which is enough to buy a second card. Further – an increase in income with each purchased card.

One way or another, income from one video card will not bring golden mountains, but you can save up for the second card in a year.

The first year the crypto-farm reaches payback, in the second year it starts making a profit. To reduce risks, we recommend setting a budget for electricity or worrying about buying solar panels, laying a power network and batteries.

GTX 1080 Vs 1080 Ti: power consumption

When buying video cards, you should consider the cost of assembling the cooling and the system as a whole. It is recommended to use aluminum beams as a supporting frame for the video card in order to avoid fire.

When assembling, miners are guided by the use of two power supplies for a farm of 6 video cards with a TDP above 150 in order to ensure a stable power supply to the cards.

The use of multiple power supplies is necessary when it comes to creating a large farm, a large farm is considered from 4 cards or more.

Crypto farms with less than 4 cards are home mining.

A second power supply may be required to power a farm with more than 6 cards. There are simple reasons for this requirement: the card must receive a stable power supply. If the power supply unit cannot supply the required number of watts on the 12 volt line, add. power supply of the video card, then you will begin to lose money due to the drawdown of the hash rate

Power supply units1 PSU (600 W)2 PSU (1000 W)3 PSU (1000 W)
1050 Ti1060 (6 Gb)1660 Ti10701070 Ti10801080 Ti
2 cards150240240300360360500
4 cards3004804806007207201000
6 cards450720720900108010801500
8 cards6009609601200144014402000
For 10+ cards750120012001500180018002500

Do not forget about the load mining is always work for wear at 100% performance, therefore, the card will be at the peak of its activity all the time. For example, powering 8 video cards from one power supply is a huge risk, the power supply may not cope with the load, burn out and take the entire farm with it to Valhalla.

Power for a farm kit usually fits in 50 – 75 watts, this is a processor, RAM and a motherboard. If we take a CPU with a 35-watt TPD, then the load can be reduced to 45 watts.

The requirement for BP is determined by the number of cards and their nominal TDP. When buying a power supply unit, several factors should be taken into account, the first is that a power supply unit needs a new one and must have a power reserve. For example, a 600 W power supply will not be able to pull out a farm with 8 cards, where each TDP has 75 W, even if nominally they fit into the power consumption.

How to Overclock a 1080 Ti for Ethereum Mining

Download MSI Afterburner , install, unpack and drive the card in three necks. To check if something falls off, download FurMark.

All experiments with the Excel file and on a motherboard separate from the farm. Don’t play with money.

Geforce GTX 1080 Vs 1080 Ti: Overclocking algorithm

Overclocking via MSI is as easy as a fork:

  1. Create Excel spreadsheet or google spreadsheet with two columns “Frequency” and “Temperature”.
  2. Raise the memory frequency by 100
  3. Write to the table
  4. Turn on FurMark, put the card for one hour in Stress-test mode
  5. Observe the image, see if there are any defects
  6. Record the average temperature of the card during the test in a table
  7. Repeat steps from point 2 to point 5 until artifacts and image defects begin to fall out
  8. If the video card does not start, then try raising the Power Limit, but as in the comic above, it can bake with a crust.

The algorithm for overclocking 1080 and 1080 Ti in the core is similar – we increase it by 10, turn on the stress test, fix the values ​​in the table.

Overclocking algorithm after the appearance of artifacts

  1. Look at your table, choose those modes that give the least temperature and the highest memory frequency;
  2. Substitute the obtained values ​​into MSI Afterburner;
  3. Turn on a stress test for a day and check if the card survives;
  4. If after 24 hours the card is still alive, there are no artifacts and the temperature has not exceeded 80 degrees – congratulations, you overclocked the memory subsystem correctly

Optimal overclocking for mining 1080 Ti

For optimal 1080 Ti settings, the following settings are recommended:

  • Core Clock – Add 100
  • Memory Clock – Add 700
  • Power Limit – set to 55%
  • Temp Limit – set to 69

These numbers were obtained by the sweat and blood of hundreds of miners and are suitable for the first farm.

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Raising hashrate of 1080 and 1080 Ti tablets

On March 1, 2017, Nvidia released a 1080 Ti card – it was fire, it was VR, it was GDDR5X. This prefix “X” at the end of the memory name makes people a 40% increase in profitability compared to conventional cards.

The new generation of memory changed the scales in mining – at first, it was impossible to extract profitable on the cards due to the inability of the algorithms to work with memory. Two years after the release, the mining community released the OhGodAnETHLargementPill software and mining became more profitable.

It is only profitable to start mining with 2080Ti if you received these video cards at a cost below $ 500.

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