Graphics Card How to Guides

Graphics cards are essential for gaming, but they can be confusing to use. Our guides will teach you how to choose the right graphics card for your needs, how to install it, and how to solve any problems related to GPUs.

Graphics Card How to Guides

Workstation Gpu Vs Gaming Gpu

workstation GPU vs gaming GPU

Nvidia and AMD companies do not only produce gaming and office video cards. The same line of Nvidia Tesla is ...
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How To Identify Chipset On Motherboard?

How To Identify Chipset On Motherboard? Intel, AMD, NVIDIA

Hello everyone! As you probably know, the chipset is one of the most important elements of a motherboard. This is the "connecting ...
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Difference Between 1050 And 1050 Ti

Difference Between 1050 And 1050 Ti GTX: Better To Buy

Have you ever wondered, "What are the differences between the 1050 and 1050 Ti, and is it worth overpaying for ...
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Gtx 1060 3gb Vs 6gb: Difference, Test, Better To Buy

gtx 1060 3GB vs 6GB GPU: Difference, Test, Better To Buy

Hello everyone! Not so long ago, I wrote an article in which I compared the GTX 1050 with its older ...
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Asus Vs Msi Vs Gigabyte Motherboard

Asus Vs Msi Vs Gigabyte Motherboard: Which is Better to Buy

If you are planning to build a gaming computer, then you cannot do it without buying a motherboard. To meet your ...
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Is 4GB Graphics Card Good For Gaming

Is 4GB Graphics Card Good For Gaming And Professional Work?

It's interesting that there is such a huge question about this. Let me be very frank and tell you that ...
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PCI Express 3.0 Vs 4.0

pCI express 3.0 vs 4.0: connection lines x2, x4, x8, x16, x32

In this post, we will talk about the computer data transfer bus PCI Express, also known as PCI-E, this is ...
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How To Calculate Hashrate Of GPU?

how to calculate hashrate of GPU?

This is a question that many people ask. How much hashrate can a GPU get? The answer is pretty simple, ...
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Motherboard GPU Compatibility

Criteria for Motherboard GPU Compatibility: Slots & Connectors

Before buying a new GPU, every computer owner must prepare allocate a budget in advance, study available manufacturers, and find ...
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Intel 500 Vs 400 Series Chipset

Intel 500 Vs 400 Series Chipset: Z490, Z590 H570 B560 H510

In January 2021, Intel introduced a new set of system logic for motherboards on the LGA1200 socket with support for ...
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Does Overclocking Gpu Reduce Lifespan Of Gpu?

does overclocking GPU reduce lifespan of GPU?

Many people ask question does overclocking GPU reduce lifespan of GPU? Overclocking a graphics card can give you a performance ...
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Can I Upgrade My Laptop Graphics Card?

Can I Upgrade My Laptop Graphics Card? Use eGPU or Replace

Upgrading a card is a standard operation performed by many laptop users. It is not difficult and can be successfully carried ...
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How To Flash GPU Bios Nvidia?

how to flash GPU bios Nvidia?

Updating or flashing the BIOS of an Nvidia video card is a procedure that needs to be carried out from ...
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How to choose graphics card

How to choose graphics card: Beginners Buyers Guide 2022

A graphics card is an integral part of any computer and laptop. In addition to processing graphics and video, the ...
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Windows 10 Not Detecting Graphics Card

Solution windows 10 not detecting graphics card

It is not uncommon to update the operating system leads to problems with equipment, in particular with video cards. For ...
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How To Fix Geforce Experience Not Working

How to fix geforce experience not working

You can never guess in advance when this or that program will refuse to work. The same goes for NVIDIA ...
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Graphics Card Overheating And Shutting Down Fix

graphics card overheating and shutting down fix

If the components of the system unit become very hot during operation, this can in the best case lead to ...
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Processor And Graphics Card Compatibility Test

Processor and graphics card compatibility test

Component compatibility is a fundamental factor in any computer upgrade. Particularly acute is the question of Processor And Graphics Card ...
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How To Check If Graphics Card Is Dead

how to check if graphics card is dead

The Graphics card can be called the most demanding and damage-prone device of a modern computer. There are an impressive ...
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Graphics Device Driver Error Code 43 Solutions

fix graphics device driver error code 43 nvidia 2022

If you suddenly started to pop up a window with an error of 43, then it is too early to ...
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