NVIDIA RTX 4000: Launch and Expectations in July 2023

The release of a new generation of NVIDIA graphics cards may take place much earlier than previously thought. Previous leaks have suggested that the RTX 4000 is slated for a September 2022 release. However, a new piece of information from reliable insider Kopite7kimi contradicts past data. 

According to him, the launch of graphics adapters will take place at the beginning of the 3rd quarter of this year, that is, somewhere between July and August. In other words, NVIDIA wants to abandon its past launch strategy, which was tested on the RTX 2000 and RTX 3000 lines. In this light, it is worth remembering that the release of the RTX 2080 took place on September 20, 2018, and the RTX 3080 hit the shelves on September 17, 2020.

And if Kopite7kimi’s data is correct, then we should expect an official announcement in May-June of this year. It is likely that the new cards will be presented as part of NVIDIA’s upcoming presentation at COMPUTEX 2023. But instead, the company may hold its own event in order to create more excitement around new products.  

A little earlier, an insider revealed the detailed characteristics of the top-end NVIDIA AD102 chip, which will form the basis of the flagship models of the line.

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